Race Car Locators, LLC Was Originally designed to assist customers in locating their new race car, for either rookie or veteran racer. We now sell top tier race cars and a few select street cars.

We are available to take the time needed to “locate” your desired car, leaving you to continue with your busy schedule.

We also do chassis research, on a sliding scale.

As the owner of the business, I raced for 16 great years, so am familiar with what is needed and desired for a good solid car to own!

Voir l'équipe de Race Car Locators

L'équipe de Race Car Locators

Richerd LARNERPortable : +1 15 098 682 034

I started vintage racing in 2000 with a 62′ Mini Cooper and opened a Yahoo store called Ricks Minis.

Between 2000 and 2005, I made a lot of racing connections, suppliers, transports and sold consigned street and race cars, was a Spax distributor, sold vintage race parts, and was a Longacre race products distributor as well.

We closed Ricks Minis in 2005. We raced a Crossle’ Formula Ford and a Lola Formula Super Vee during that time period.

in 2013, I opened Race Car Locators, LLC

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